Psychotherapy refers to one-on-one talk therapy. This is an exchange between a client and the therapist. Problems, feelings, thoughts and behaviours associated with the difficulties are considered, while also looking at recurrent life patterns, relationships, interpersonal interactions and past experiences. The intent is one of arriving at an understanding of difficulties and facilitating long-term change.

Nicole works within a psychodynamic orientation, which affords one the opportunity to benefit from more than mere symptom relief by aspiring for long-term change. She also practices CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). 

Nicole sees adolescents, young adults and adults for psychotherapy for a range of difficulties:

  • Depression and Bipolar disorders
  • Anxiety, Panic and PTSD
  • Personality 
  • Trauma
  • Bereavement
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Adjustment to transitional life stages
  • Interpersonal and relationship difficulties
  • Self development

Psychotherapy serves to benefit clients through:

  • Regaining a sense of control and pleasure in life
  • Improving sense of well-being
  • Developing insight
  • Personal growth and maturation
  • Minimise or eliminate distressing symptoms
  • Improvement of relationships

Contact Details

T: 021 250 0208
C: 082 3983 157
A: 1st Floor Century Medical Suites, 4 Park Close, Central Park on Park Lane, Century City, 7441




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