What is a Clinical Psychologist?

A clinical psychologist is a mental health professional who has obtained training in the assessment, diagnosis and providing appropriate intervention with clients Clinical psychologists do not prescribe medications in their intervention; rather, they use psychological techniques, such as Psychodynamic therapy or CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). In RSA one must complete a Masters degree, a national board examination, an internship and community service before being able to practice independently. In addition to delivery of psychotherapy, psychologists undertake a variety of activities, including psychological testing, research and teaching.

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How do I find a psychotherapist?

For most clients finding a psychotherapist is an extremely personal decision. Clients often experience a lot of anxiety about making an appointment, as there is a concern that all emotions and vulnerabilities may be exposed. A psychotherapist and a client establish a working alliance during the course of the process. This relationship is significant, as a collaborative relationship enriches the therapeutic experience and facilitates the goal of effecting beneficial change.

What happens in psychotherapy?

During the first few sessions the client indicates the difficulties that need to be addressed. The psychotherapist obtains a history and might ask specific questions to obtain an understanding. The psychotherapist’s role is to be an objective and empathic listener who offers reflections and interpretations; helps identify links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours; and challenge appropriately. All this takes place within a confidential and collaborative relationship.

How long will psychotherapy take?

The length of a psychotherapy process is unique to each client. The duration is determined by a client’s therapeutic needs, as well as the expectations established of what you may want to change or gain from the process. Often what is brought to therapy is a long- standing difficulty or way of being, it is therefore an unrealistic expectation that there is an ‘overnight solution’. Psychotherapy with Nicole can take the form of shorter-term brief and focused intervention, or longer-term depth work.

How much does therapy cost?

Nicole’s practice is registered with the BHF, and she can claim from medical aids directly. Private patients are charged a reduced cash rate of R550 per session. Please enquire with Nicole directly if you have further questions regarding rates or reduced fees.


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